I’m giving a presentation at WordCamp Atlanta today and so I’m providing a copy of my presentation for attendees to more easily follow along. Hardcore URL Routing for WordPress [PDF] (~1mb) And if you can’t make it to the WordCamp today, then lucky you; no need to attend! UPDATE: And on SlideShare: Hardcore URL Routing… Continue reading

In our tutorial “Using Classes as Code Wrappers for WordPress Plugins” we took a plugin that used a global function for its filter hook and converted it to using a PHP class as a code wrapper. Unfortunately the approach we showed didn’t allow other plugins and/or themes to remove or chain the actions and/or filters… Continue reading

Plugins for WordPress can be very elaborate and require significant programming expertise to develop. ┬áBut learning to develop a WordPress plugin doesn’t have to be difficult; you can start small and grow your skills over time.┬áLet’s start with a very simple WordPress plugin that you might build for yourself or a client. Name the Plugin… Continue reading